Peyton Green

2023 Salute to Veterans

Community: Estacada
Service Branch: Air Force
Rank: Airman 1st Class (E-3)


Retired Airman Peyton Green lives
American dream in Estacada, Sandy

While many wartime movies love to glorify those soldiers constantly on the battlefield, many serve in the background, ensuring the safety and success of their comrades.

Peyton Green was one of these people. He served as an Airman 1st Class, repairing aircraft on and off the field for the Air Force from 2018-2022.

Green was born in California but mostly raised in Beaverton and Sandy. He is a 2018 graduate of Sandy High School.

Green knew he wanted to be in the military long before graduation, despite his mom’s assertion that her children would be required to obtain degrees to stay in her will. Green decided as a sixth grader that he’d be in the service and forgo college, and this goal is one he never wavered on. Seeing his determination, his mother changed her will and was happy for him when her son enlisted at 18.

“When I was younger, I’ve always looked up to veterans and people in the military,” Green said. “They’ve always set the standard for what I want to be. (Being a veteran now) it’s made me proud to be an American.”

Green was not the first in his family to serve, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and aunt. His grandfather served in the Air Force for 25 years, and his aunt was an Air Force colonel.

“I knew I didn’t want to go to college,” Green said. “And I just love the country. So, I was going to join the Marines, and then a buddy signed me up for a seminar with an Air Force recruiter.”

The opportunity described by the recruiter resonated with what Green wanted, so he signed up. He started out based in Texas, but only a day after he married his high school sweetheart, he was shipped overseas to Okinawa, Japan.

Green said the experience of being in the Air Force taught him discipline, which he appreciates.

“Every step of the day, you have to be accountable,” Green explained. “When you’re at your best, (your team) is at their best.”

That said, Green said his job wasn’t without its challenges. He often worked 15-16-hour days and was responsible for going out on the battlefield when aircraft were struck down to retrieve privileged data from the vehicle and then destroy it.

“It was high standard under high pressure,” said Green. “I didn’t expect to be responsible for so much at such a young age. They make you ready, obviously, but before, I was still living with my parents, where my biggest responsibility was taking out the trash. Then I’m working on $93 million aircraft.”

Green left the service in 2022 to pursue other dreams back home in Oregon with his wife. Now, he owns and operates Peyton’s Mobile Auto Repair. He helps his father-in-law install wood flooring with his business, Troy Wolf Enterprises, and Peyton also captures drone footage for his father’s business, Impact Solar.

“Even if I didn’t join the military, I’d still want to start a business,” Green explained. “I’ve kind of always liked being an entrepreneur.”

When not working with one of his many family businesses, Green gives back in Estacada by teaching kids’ classes at the new Estacada Athletic Arts gym on Broadway.

For those considering a career in the military, Peyton advised that people “be patient and do all the research you can.”

“I’ve seen friends go in and hate what they’re doing, and they’re still in it,” he added. “Make sure to find something that fits you.”